2018 so far

Here we are, just past the halfway point of 2018. The school year was hard but we made it, y’all. I thought the third year of teaching would be the simplest yet, but it brought new trials and opportunities for growth that I honestly did not want. Difficult moments in life aren’t always fair, but you’ve got to struggle through it to actually get to the other side of the mess. Approaching next year feels like picking at a scab, knowing that growth and healing are happening, but also knowing that it hasn’t always been fun, fair, or easy. Brokenness came before the healing, before the skin grew back stronger and tougher than before.

But for now, it is summer. I told anyone willing to watch my Instagram story (lulz) that the first week of June felt like the first time I had sat down or slept in 9 months. A month out, that still feels pretty true and I’m so thankful for this chance to breathe. I’ve filled my time with photo shoots, adventures across the southwest corner of this precious Mitten state, and probably too much time on my couch. Bless it.

The month ahead is promising. The wedding of two sweet friends, a visit from one of my favorite Kiwis, and taking pictures of cute kids and couples (and a dog!!!). I’m here for it and going to bask in the glory of July while she lasts.

As always, I love you for reading this, whoever you are.

Caroline Sterr