approaching 24

November sped by, and now we’ve arrived in December. The month of birthdays (mom’s, mine, and Jesus’) and snow and candles that smell like trees and peppermint. I’m ready.

Despite how it drags along in anticipation of some time off, November was full of good opportunities to make good memories with good people. Concerts and paint nights and friendsgiving and Thanksgiving.

December seems to be heading in that same direction. There are 2.5 weeks between us and the holiday break. There is so much to do and never enough time. But for now, it is Sunday, I’m eating a pomegranate, and I have a moment to rest. This is good. 

So, this coming Wednesday marks the completion of my 24th year of life. As always, I don’t believe that I’ll wake up feeling any older, but I think responding with “24″ when someone asks your age at least convinces them that you have some idea of how to function successfully in society - which, for the most part, I can do.

Here are 24 things (varying in levels of seriousness) I know to be true:
1. God loves me and has good in store for me.
2. I love food. Especially when it is free.
3. It is currently snowing outside and I am THE MOST excited.
4. My people are my favorite. All of them. They are strange and wonderful and I would not get through this life as well without them.
5. I am now the proud owner of two quarter-zip sweaters from Eddie Bauer thanks to a KILLER sale and I love them and only want to wear them ever.
6. Dirty Chai FOREVER.
7. For all of its flaws and our frustrations, the Gilmore Girls revival is life and Amy Sherman-Paladino is a goddess among women that we do not deserve.
8. I have watched the first episode of The Crown 3 times and cried every time.
9. Giving presents is the best and SECRET SANTA IS MY FAVORITE THING. My little elf heart explodes at this time of year.
10. I would very much like to go back to NZ now.
11. I spent my entire Saturday watching all 3, extended edition Lord of the Rings movies yesterday and have ZERO REGRETS.
12. I still believe that Frodo is THE WORST and that Sam is the true hero of the trilogy.
13. The snow is falling heavier now and it’s THE BEST.
14. I’m realizing that I often try to blame my weirdness on exhaustion but normally I’m just weird, and the sleep-deprivation isn’t always to blame.
15. Recently, all I want to eat is hummus with carrots, pasta, or dessert. (Or most any free food, see #2)
16. I realized recently that I’ve been going to Encounter for almost exactly a year now, and it’s the best.
17. Advent this year feels especially impatient. We are a people and a world in need of saving.
18. Friendsgiving is a great invention. Even if you eat pasta instead of a Thanksgiving meal and drink wine from Aldi.
19. Wine from Aldi is actually reall great though. Check it out.
20. Having Amazon Prime makes me feel (more) like a real adult.
21. Penny & Sparrow kill me dead evey time I hear them live.
22. Christmas-smelly candles are a great idea always.
23. I am the most sure of myself that I have ever been. Sure of my strangeness, and sure of my faith in things I cannot see. Not necessarily sure of what I want out of life, but sure of how I want to feel about the whole lovely mess. Sure that I want to seek joy and love always. Sure of who I am, but also sure that I will change. Sure that a life for and with the King is worth the momentary mess of this world.
24. And I am sure that I love you for reading this, whoever you are.