here & now

 figure if I keep this blog going for as long as I intend to (essentially forever…), it might be worthwhile to document myself (as well as my experiences) as I go. So here’s me at 23, in a non-comprehensive list of 23 things…

1. I can’t go to the grocery store without buying Golden Double-Stuf Oreos.
2. I visit Sparrows at least once every-other week.
3. One of my favorite pastimes is listening to the conversations that happen there. Today, for example, I sat next to two social work grad students and listened to their psychobable about the “power of choice” and “personal experience” and “millennial culture” for hours.
4. I’m always worried that someone will jump me in the few moments from when I get out of my car to when I close the garage and go in the house.
5. My job makes me very tired most of the time, but I love my students and my coworkers.
6. Sometimes, though, I want to quit and join the Peace Corps in Fiji or move to Alaska. (but I’d miss Matt & Marie’s wedding so those dreams will have to wait)
7. I just realized that Claire & I have only really ever had one shared friend that we both have legitimate but separate connections to (It’s Mark. Hi, Mark.).
8. I really love my church. All of my favorite GR-but-not-work people can be found there.
9. I just recently opened a savings account and it’s weirdly fun so I check it all the time even though the monthly interest payment is literally $0.01.
10. I drink more coffee now than ever before, but still need way too much cream to actually enjoy it.
11. My best friend is going to have a baby LITERALLY any day now and I’m SO EXCITED ABOUT IT.
12. Most days, almost every clothing item I’m wearing is from Old Navy.
13. February 1st marked one full year of not drinking. (And I’m not bored or boring.) If you want to know this story, ask me! :)
14. Whenever I have a dream about NZ/daydream about NZ/think about NZ I get all teary because I’d really, truly like to be there, right now (So if you have a few thousand $$$ sitting around and want to send me there, just let me know).
15. Currently I can’t resist anything with owls or a map of the world on it.
16. I love succulents and have a lot of them. Most of them are still alive. And those that aren’t died because they’re from the grocery store and came here from Florida so they never really stood a chance in Michigan.
17. I always spend twice as much time in Target as originally intended.
18. I still watch Pretty Little Liars.
19. I’ve made the same pasta recipe every week for the last 3 weeks and I’m still not tired of it.
20. I recently made a list of all of my favorite places in the world because it seemed like a nice thing to have.
21. Home is one of those places and I’d really like to be there now (preferably on the living room floor with my dogs, watching TV with my family).
22. I’ve wanted the same tattoo for 5+ years now and might actually find the courage to get it (someday kind of not really soon).
23. I am a firm believer in the healing power of hand-written letters, Sabbath days, and lattes and am currently trying to have a lot more of all three in my life.

As always, I love you for reading this, whoever you are.