one to go

I landed in NZ one month ago, today. In the time since then, I’ve created new memories with old friends and experienced new and beautiful places in this little corner of the world.

We drove north to experience the endless warmth and… unique vibe of Northland. We’ve been to islands off the coast of Auckland City for hiking and exploring. I’ve gotten to know Auckland in a way I hadn’t had a chance (or time) to before with so much time to explore on my own. We flew south to see what Dunedin has to offer (PENGUINS! and other stuff!). I’ve been to 23 different cafes and am still counting. I have spent time at so many of my favorite places (cafes, art museums, gift shops, the Heeringa’s living room) with so many of my favorite people, and the adventure is not over yet!

I started this journey with just under six weeks to spend here. Now, five have passed and I have one precious week to go. Apologies in advance for the sad and sappy posts that are bound to appear on social media one week from tomorrow. Pray for me, pals.

As always, I love you for reading this, whoever you are.