As a teacher, I’ve come to realize that March is the Monday of months - it lasts for too long and is never too thrilling. Five long weeks, awaiting the bliss and rest of spring break. In this stressful (and sometimes confusing) moment of life, I’ve become achingly thankful for the family friends who are pulling (sometimes dragging) me through it. 

For the coworkers who let me hug them (even when they don’t really want to), for the friend who re-reads a text message to make sure I get it right. For the small group that studies God’s word. For the college friends who still make an effort to do life by my side. For the youth group that let’s me do what I love (teach) about Who I love. For the friends who answer phone calls and practice the difficult art of being a good listener, letting me waterfall my rambling thoughts all over them. For the family who checks in and holds me up. For all of you, who make me better and happier and definitely okay.

I’m so undeserving and I’m so thankful.

As always, I love you for reading this, whoever you are.