Twenty-five things I know to be true after these twenty-five years.

1. Good friends feel like home. Find yourself a tribe like that, y’all.

2. This is the first birthday in a few years that I actually feel older, but I’m not sure why. I guess I’ll go rent a car or something.

3. Chocolate covered Oreos are the best (s/o to Jenna for bringing me some !!!)

4. The soundtracks for Dear Evan Hansen and The Greatest Showman are changing my life.

5. Routines are good and good for you.

6. Being an insecure puddle is a waste of time. (But I still do it sometimes)

7. Verbally processing with a verbal processor is a game changer (s/o to Keags)

8. There are few things lovelier than singing Christmas Carols with pals.

9. It’s hard to find treasure in everyone, but it’s worth it.

10. Scheduling regular time with your gal pals feels silly sometimes, but it’s good for your heart and all your feels.

11. I still cry over adoption videos and recently found a miniseries by the Archibold Project and wept through the whole thing.

12. GIFs are my favorite (I also realize they’re not a new thing but I don’;t care).

13. I use “v” as an abbreviation for "very” more than I’d like to admit.

14. Photography is my favorite. Especially at Encounter. In the last few months I have seen this talent and passion grow and it is such a weird and wonderful experience.

15. Related note - I got two new lenses in the last few months and am the MOST excited about them.

16. I am content to eat the same food for lunch and dinner all week as long as it’s good… variety? Who needs it?

17. I recently got an iPhone and it’s terrifying and magical.

18. Deep dish is always worth it.

19. Only being friends with people your age is irresponsible. Bridge the gap, people. You’re not the only interesting age!

20. Self-care is important #millennial

21. I am realizing that a lot of being an adult involves food (eating it or making it or making it for other people to bribe them to do nice things for you or just to be your friend)

22. I’m so about #21

23. People are the best (I suppose also the worst but I try not to know any of those ones).

25. God is good, even when the world feels very ugly.