social media consultation & management

For the last few years, your website has been the front door into your church and business. With the explosion of social media - Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms have become a valuable window into the life of your ministry. I want to work with you to simplify, personalize, maximize the reach your social media accounts. Let's grab a coffee and get learning!

When it comes to social media, I want to give you the tools and strategies to continue the work after my time with you ends. I’ll spend time with your church family at weekend services, meet with your staff, and get to know your passion and mission.

Let’s create content that is beautiful, meaningful, and relevant - and a plan that works for your team. Let’s get your people confident in their capacity to continue the work and build a network of creatives to support your mission and showcase the work that is happening.

coaching meeting

We can sit down over coffee, talk through your organization’s vision and mission, and come up with a tangible, first-stage social media content plan for you and your team to implement.

Come with all of your social media questions, your iPad or computer, and get ready to reach your members in a new way.

2 hr coaching meetings start at $250


God is at work in your space! I’ll visit with your church family for a few weekends to see and capture what God is up to in and through your church.

This is a great option if you’ve already got social media under control or just want a brief coaching meeting, as short-term and long-term consultations include weekend photography.

2-weekend minimum contract starts at $750

short-term consultation

I’ll join your church family for 2+ weekend services to capture in photos what God is up to at your church as well as meet with your staff throughout the week to build a social media content schedule.

We’ll also spend time talking through questions and coaching staff to continue the work after the week is up!

short-term consultation starts at $850

long-term consultation

Over 2-3 months, we will work together to create a system and schedule to reach your congregation throughout the week via social media that is simple and works for your staff. The long-term consultation can offer a full overhaul of current social media practices, hands-on training for staff, and the formation of a network of creatives to support the continuation of this ministry.

long-term consultation starts at $1,650.

Please inquire for detailed pricing and information

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